I didn’t do any major travelling this week, because I was still recovering from Strasbourg last weekend and catching up on lesson-planning. However, I still managed to see a film with the girls on Monday night (‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’), and go out searching for some fantastic beats with Ellie in Lyon on Saturday.

I am finding it really important to keep myself busy, because Charlieu isn’t exactly a hive of activity. I know that if I don’t make plans I’ll be bored and lonely in my studio-flat, but I also know that I have a tendency to try to do too much, and if I overdo things I’ll regret it and get tired and stressed. I miss the sociability of university life, but I really am enjoying my time here! It’s great having the time and money to travel, and my friends in Roanne are only a half-hour away, which is not bad at all.

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-themSo on Monday I travelled back from Strasbourg, and ended up outside the cinema in Roanne in time to go and see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. I was really excited to finally see it- we had to wait a few weeks for the VO (version originale) to be shown as opposed to the VF (version française, dubbed). I think concentrating hard to understand what was being said would definitely have spoiled the magic for me. It was a great film, and Eddie Redmayne was just absolutely adorable and perfect as Newt. The story-line wasn’t particularly developed, but I enjoyed the fact that it was much more lighthearted than some of the later Harry Potter films.

I love Harry Potter. It seems a bit silly to say, but for me the books and films are more than a good fantasy franchise, they are an integral part of my British culture. I grew up reading the books, then watching the films, I have been to Harry Potter World, and I am infinitely jealous of anyone who has seen The Cursed Child. Therefore, it seemed only natural to me to base most of my lessons last week around the theme of Harry Potter, particularly the books and translations.

I asked the pupils to translate the French titles into English and got some hilarious translations- ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Bedroom’ being my favourite. We then looked at the  translation of nonsense magical words in the books. Poudlard is French for Hogwarts, Poufsouffle is Hufflepuff, Moldu is Muggle. It’s so interesting that the translater would choose to invent a whole new word rather than just using the ‘English’ word.

Le Sucre
Le Sucre

This weekend I went to Lyon to go out with Ellie, her housemates, and their friends. It was great! We went to Le Sucre, a techno club in La Confluence district. I’ve never really liked techno that much, but the music definitely grew on me as the night went on. It was fun to meet new people and go out, even if Ellie and I were the first back to the flat on Sunday morning. It was 4am, which was definitely late enough for me!

We then of course spent Sunday sleeping and watching films. We managed to find a takeaway (on a SUNDAY, radical stuff) and I accidentally ordered sixteen chicken nuggets instead of six. Oops.

I took the train home late Sunday afternoon, and have been working in the Collège again this week.  The kids there are so sweet! We’ve been working on the theme of ‘Christmas in the UK’ which is always fun, and is making me very excited to eat mince pies when I get home in a few weeks.


Featured image is the Church in Charlieu.

A plus!





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