So what is this little space on the internet? It started as an online portfolio of my work, published elsewhere but put together here so I can keep track of it all. For that reason the sections are a bit varied- from articles about travel, to cultural reviews of plays. It’s a rambling sprawl, hence the name.

Rambling can also mean  to wander or travel, and that also applies here: I am currently on my year abroad in France. So hopefully, a cliché year abroad blog will become the main focus of this site, as I adapt to my surroundings here in Charlieu.

About Meimg_20160715_1228401

My name is Sarah, and I am a French and English Literature student at the University of Birmingham. I love reading and writing, also musicals, the saxophone, and cake. Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed, but started consciously doing for others at University.


As previously mentioned, I have just moved to Charlieu, France, where I work as an English language assistant. Charlieu is a small rural town near Roanne, in the Loire region of France. I hope to use my little yellow car to explore both the region and France more widely throughout the year.